2020 has been an interesting year for sure, but the one thing 2020 has taught me was to stick to my core values when running a business.

Rewind back to January when we were in the beginning process of branding and marketing Stem Floral Studio; over the past two decades of designing, managing and mentoring, the one thing I have always stuck very close to is developing talent. I could’ve easily jumped on the bandwagon of getting myself into a clique in this highly competitive industry to gain clients OR I could stick to what has always been at the core of my values and focus on running my business based on talent and experience.

Lets go back even further and look at the years I spent in corporate retail management to get a better understanding as to why I stick to my core values. As a manager, my job was to not only run my store, but to also recruit, hire and staff TOP NOTCH TALENT and that mindset has stuck with me when it comes to my business.

2020 has encouraged me more than ever to focus on the talent in this industry, to focus on quality over quantity and to do what I love and what I’ve truly been passionate about as a floral designer over the years.

Stem Floral Studio- Elegant, Romantic, Artfully Curated

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