Wondering what weddings are looking like during a pandemic? If theres one thing coronavirus has taught all of us, it’s to learn to adjust with change no matter. Here’s a couple things to keep in mind as you navigate these crazy times.

Who would’ve known 2020 was going to throw the biggest curve ball we will ever see in our lifetime. And if you’re a current bride still planning your big day to happen this year, you know all too well the hurdles you are having to overcome just to make it happen.

We’ve had the opportunity to witness some beautiful weddings already this year and this is the advice we give. The most important rule you and all of your guest are going to have to follow is the mask rule. I know, its annoying and a pain but understand all venues have to adhere to the statewide mask order that’s currently in effect. Please understand that if they failed to do so, they can risk not only the health department coming in to shut them down but also being slapped with a fine.

Another advice is be aware you may have to cut your guest list. As of right now the maximum occupancy is 300. HOWEVER, every venue has to follow very strict guidelines such as the amount of people per table, the exact measured out placement of every single table within the venue square footage. Sound complicated? Yes it is, because once the venue has their measurements adhering to the rules of the health department, they may say 170 guest is whats allowed in their venue. Keep in mind this is all going to be based on the venues square footage. A very large venue may be able to utilize the maximum amount of guest allowed as long as they still follow the strict measurements, all of it is based on the individual venue itself.

Whether 2020 is still your chosen year to get married but with less guests, your wedding still will be beautiful!!!

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