Move over 2020 and make way for the 2021 wedding trends. Yes, you heard me right; it’s that time of year when we look ahead to forecast the trends and what will be staying and going.

First up on the list, microweddings. We have already seen these intimate ceremonies as the pandemic has put so many restrictions on social gatherings this year. Expect the intimate wedding trend to continue into 2021.

As the guest count is expected to trend down, big floral statements will be coming in hot. Beautiful floral installations in all forms of art will be a must have. Whether you opt for a hanging floral structure or prefer the floral nest, the options are endless when it comes to these stunning designs that create a wow factor.

This installation really sets the cozy vibe in the Main Parlor at Snowden Gray Mansion. The venue is perfect for microweddings.

Another expected trend, arrangements that require floral design skills. Over the past 5 years we’ve seen a major shift in the floral industry as pinterest and instagram has created an explosion of overnight floral designers and with that a shift in super organic designing. Now I know we all have our own way of how we see flowers and design, I respect that; but along the way over the past several years, education, proper skills and training has become undervalued. As we start to shift back into skills and technique so will the visuals of centerpieces. Wowing your guest tables with a beautifully designed piece of art will create a stunning atmosphere throughout your venue.

Another big wedding trend shift, bold statement colors. Take a look at our feed over the last few months and what you will see is gorgeous pops of color elevated beautifully to make a lovely statement in our designs. Now you see why; as we start to transition into the next trend, we have been preparing for it already. Warm color palettes like taupe and golden mustard florals lightly accented with ivory, paired with a deep purple velvet runner creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. Finish it off with a glass of red wine and hello gorgeous! Moody and oh so beautiful!

As we start on the final leg of 2020, keep in mind regardless if you have 50 or 200 guests or opt for the timeless white and green bouquet over pops of color, your wedding will be gorgeous and full of wonderful memories involving some of the most important people who are nearest and dearest to your heart. Heres to better days ahead in 2021.

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